Hand Wrap

The hand wraps are available in different colors. Your company's logo or nations any national flag can be customized as per your needs and requirements. These boxing hand wraps and stretch hand wraps are made of 100'%colorfast soft cotton material.

Stretch Hand Wrap

Stretch Hand Wrap

Code : HW-755
Description : Mexican – Style stretch hand warps made of 100% color fast polyester cotton blend material. Easy hook & loop closure and thumb loop.
Colored Hand Wrap

Colored Hand Wrap

Code : HW-754
Description : Patriotic Mexican – style stretch hand wraps with national flag colors.

Classic Hand Wrap

Classic Hand Wrap

Code : HW-753
Description : Classic Hand wraps made of 100% colorfast cotton with easy hook & loop and thumb loop.
Sizes :
a. (2”X100” or 50mm X 250mm)

b. (2”X120” or 50mm X 300mm)

c. (2”X140” or 50mm X 350mm)

d. (2”X160” or 50mm X 400mm)

a. (2”X180” or 50mm X 450mm)
Cotton Hand Wrap

Cotton Hand Wrap

Code : HW-39
Description : Inner gloves made of soft cotton materials to be used the boxing glove.

Stretchable Hand Wrap

Stretchable Hand Wrap

Code : HW-605
Description : Inner glove made of stretchable polyester – cotton blend.

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